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Adjustment ranges 0.1...107 bar

Explosion-proof diaphragm-seal piston pressure switch


The P1X is a mechanical diaphragm seal piston pressure switch and a repeatability of ±2.0 % at constant temperature. The adjustment ranges are between 0.1 … 107 bar. The switching point can be adjusted with corresponding reference unit during operation. The switch provides one switching contact. The switches are applicable for inherent safety applications.

  • Diaphragm Seal Piston Pressure Switches for pressure control in hazardous locations with plastic diaphragm
  • 1 switching contact
  • Accuracy class 2.0 % f. s.
  • Switching point adjustable with corresponding reference unit during operation
  • Applicable for inherent safety applications
  • Hydraulic and Pneumatic applications
  • Ship building applications