Compact Pressure Switches

Compact design for small installation spaces

Product Family

Explosion Proof Compact Switch
Adjustment ranges Type 9671X: -0,17...-1 bar, vacuum range Type 9681X: 0,2...34,4 bar, relative pressure Type 9692X: 10.3...689.7 bar, relative pressure
KLM mechanical pressure switch
Whether you need to monitor low or high pressure ranges, the pressure switches KLK and KLM provide you with the ideal solution.
Series 8000 Mechanical Compact Pressure Switch
The Series 8000 mechanical switch incorporates all the manufacturing knowledge and experience that has earned Barksdale's Compact Switches the reputation of top quality and robustness in a
Series 9000 Mechanical Compact Pressure Switch
The Series 9000 pressure switch offers uncompromising performance in a compact design. As a smaller sibling to the Series 8000, the Series 9000 measures 30 x 30 x 92 mm.