BDS3000 – Differential Pressure at its best

The electronic differential pressure switch is available with IO-Link option like the whole BXS family

Like its counterpart for pressure, the BDS3000 electronic differential pressure switch features unique detailed solutions such as a 320° display that can be rotated twice, analogue outputs (4-20mA and 0-10V switchable) and maintenance-free transistor switching contacts. The measuring range is 0 ... 350 mbar and 0 ... 35 bar depending on the differential pressure measuring cell.

The large 14-segment LED display is aesthetically pleasing and allows clear reading of the display from different viewing angles. Mounting holes are provided to facilitate installation in various orientations. Even if the unit has to be mounted upside down, the internal software is able to rotate the display 180°. In addition, the 320° rotating electrical connection and the display housing makes the installation of the unit very easy.

The BDS3000 also features high overload resistance, making it ideal for filter monitoring. In addition to the standard increased EMC resistance, the switch is IP67-compliant with the corresponding connector. The IO-Link option is of course available in the spirit of the Industry 4.0 age, as are the high-quality stainless steel and PA/PC housing materials.

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