New: BPS3000 Electronic Pressure Switch

September 2013

BPS3000 Electronic Pressure Switch sets the benchmark


  • Compact and modern design
  • Rotatable 320° display and electrical connection
  • 4-digit 14 segment LED display
  • High EMI protection 
  • IP65/IP67 enclosure rating

Introducing the newest Series for Pressure, Temperature, Level and Flow to the Barksdale port folio – the Generation 3000.

This new electronic pressure switch called BPS3000 offers a lot of possibilities and new chances, perfect for demanding applications.

The switch is characterised with panel height of 99 mm and diameter of 40 mm which enables compact installation of many switches. Its angled top design is aesthetically pleasing and a real functional highlight. Featuring 9 mm hight 14-segment LEDs, good readability of the four-digit alphanumeric display is achieved even from the side. Even if the device is mounted upside-down easy readability of the display is ensured by internal software. Due to rotatable 320° display and electrical conncetion, the mounting and installation will be a walk in the park. Over and above this flexibility the pressure switch in its entirety features protection class IP65/IP67, including the operator panel.

The measuring ranges are  from 0...0.2 bar to 0...600 bar. The BPS3000 series pressure switches are available with different process connection. Besides their switching functionalities, the BPS3000 series pressure switches provides transmitter functionalities by supplying analogue
output signals in the format 4...20 mA or 0...10 V.

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