NEW - BXS series with IO-Link

July 2020


Ready for Industry 4.0 with BxS

We are exposed to a constant state of change. This also holds true for Generation 3000, as the cap colour is changed from grey to black for the BxS Series. This change is purely aesthetic; the model numbers used for ordering remain unchanged, as do the performance, quality, durability and functionality of the products.

The powerful BxS series consists of::

With our IO-Link capable products, you are prepared for ever changing market requirements. They ensure increased efficiency through digital, bi-directional communication.

IO-Link advantages include for example:

  • Remote parameter setting with simultaneous positioning of the IO-Link devices directly on the machine. Direct transmission of the parameters in the event of service allows immediate identification and localization of the sensors.
  • Reduction of machine downtimes through status information and diagnostic options in the system
  • Automatic adoption of the parameterization allows the device to be replaced even by less qualified personnel.
  • Digital transmission of the measured values from the sensor to the control system guarantees, that the transmitted value corresponds exactly to the measured value.
  • Robustness of data transmission against external influences by means of a 24 V signal. Shielded cables and associated grounding are not necessary.

Even if you are not yet actively using IO-Link in your production, the products of the BxS series help you to get ready for Industry 4.0.