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UNS-VA/SB4 Bilge Guard


Bilge-Level Switches made of stainless steel for mounting through top, without test function, mounting bracket, 1 switch contact


Shipbuilding- and Offshore applications,
Ballast container, Fuel and oil Tanks,
Service and waste water




  • Bilge-Level Switches made of stainless steel,
  • 1 switch contact
  • Compact construction
  • Established princible
  • Rugged and reliable

Technical specifications

Order code Index D

Type Contact type Cable type/
Order No.
Bilge Guard
NO (NC) Polymer / 2 m 0111-509
NO (NC) Polymer / 5 m 0111-529
NO (NC) Polymer / 10 m 0111-524
NO (NC) Polymer / 15 m 0111-528
Bilge Guard
NO (NC) Polymer / 2 m TBD
NO (NC) Polymer / 5 m TBD
NO (NC) Polymer / 10 m TBD
NO (NC) Polymer / 15 m TBD


Model UNS-VA / SB4 (without test function)
UNS-VA / SB5 (with test function)
Mounting Position Side mounted
Stem Material Stainless Steel 1.4571
Mounting Element Mounting bracket
Float PE33, Ø = 33 mm
Float Material Polyethylene
Min. Fluid Specific
Gravity (g/cm³)
Max. Pressure (bar) 3
Max. Temperature 70 °C
Contact Mode NO / NC
Contact Rating NO/NC: 40 VA/W
Option Test equipment
Approval on request, see

Order code

Type Contact type Cable type / length Order No.
UNS-VA/SB4 Bilge Guard NO (NC) Polymer / 2m 0111-509
NO (NC) Polymer / 5m 0111-529
NO (NC) Polymer / 10 m 0111-660
NO (NC) Polymer / 15 m 0111-528

Technical Data

....Stem, bracket and float
....Cap nut:

stainless steel

Polymer, halogen-free, UL-V0
Operating pressure: max. 3 bar (float / +20 °C)
Temperature range: max. -20 °C ... +70 °C
Fluid specific gravity: min. 0.80 g/cm3
Immersion depth: density 1: density 0.8:

28 ±2 mm L1 ~18 mm
35 ±2 mm L1 ~11 mm
Mounting position: vertical ±15°
Protection class: IP67, IP68
Electrical connection: Polymer cable, 2 x 0.75 mm²
Cable length: 2 m / 5 m / 10 m / 15 m
Contact type*: SPST switch (NO) (marking at bottom)
By turning the float upside down: SPST switch (NC) (marking at top)
Contact rating: max. 230 V AC / DC
max. 2.0 A
max. 40 VA / W
Weight: approx. 175 g
Approvals: GL, BV, ATEX on request
* The contact types (NO or NC) are defined on the basis of dry position of float and cable pointing vertically upwards.